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As a producer of cut flowers we are keen on a bunch of flowers that looks fresh. This is why we are happy to advise you on how to maintain the flowers as long as possible. This advise applies to all the cut flowers.

Treat the flowers directly after buying them. Remove all excess leaves and shoots to keep the water clean as this can cause bacteria which shorten the vaselife of the flowers.

Cut the stems with a clean and sharp knife and make sure that you do not squeeze the vascular bundles within the stems. This could happen if you use ordinary scissors.

Place the flowers in a clean vase and use clean tap water. Dissolve the sachet of cut flower food if this was provided with the flowers. Place the vase on a suitable place away from the heating system and fruit. Ripening fruit emits substances (ethylene) that accelerate the flowering process.

After a few days the flower can be damaged because of bacterial growth within the stems. The flowers will not get enough water which progresses the aging system. Avoid this by cutting of 5cm of the stems after 5 days!

This way you can enjoy your flowers even longer!